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Sugar Tariff Amendment published by SARS, effective as of Friday 24th, 2017.

Sugar Price Increase

Sugar Increase effective immediately at R6.363 per kgs. This coming after the increase in sugar prices a couple of Months ago pushing a 2.5kgs over R40. Now you will pay more than R55 per 2.5kgs, My suggestion would be to hit the stores before this increase effects the market, which is normally within a couple of Days.

This will cause a ripple effect in the food industry increasing the price on all food products. Long Shelved Milk will Sugar Price Increaseincrease with a couple of rand, Soda’s and Juices will increase.



Excerpt from EWN article

Lindsay Dentlinger | 2 months ago
CAPE TOWN – The Department of Health says taxing sugar-sweetened drinks is essential as a first step to curbing the rising trend of obesity in South Africa and to lessen the burden on the public health system.

Today the department was first to present at parliamentary public hearings on whether government should introduce a sugar tax.

But MPs are not convinced this is the best way to achieve the desired effect and want to know how the money will be spent.

They also believe taxation will affect the poor the most and result in job losses.

Instead, MPs are proposing regulatory measures on allowable sugar levels in food.

Treasury says the aim is not to raise revenue and more details will be revealed when Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivers his Budget speech next month.